Local Children's Centres

Brookside Children’s Centre
Borrington Road, Kidderminster DY10 3ED
Telephone 01562 827207
Midwife – Mandy Gayne/Linda Haynes

Chestnuts children’s centre
(Monday/Tuesday/ wednesday/Thursday)
Chestnut Grove, Kidderminster DY11 5QB
Telephone 01562 69052
Midwife – Monday & Tuesday – Maria Birt
Wednesday – Karen Chapman
Thursday – Lynn Brettle

Rainbow Children’s Centre at St Mary’s (Tuesday, Wednesday)
Stoney Lane, Kidderminster DY10 2LX
Telephone 01562 742991
Midwife – Anna Meredith

Treetops Children’s Centre (Tuesday/Friday)
Woodbury Road, Kidderminster DYl1 7JJ
Telephone 01562 514980
Midwife- Sam Lane/Hannah Wear

Riverside Children’s Centre (Monday/ Tuesday)
Stourport Road, BewdleY DY12 1BL
Telephone 01299 409169
Midwife – Wendy Butler

Half Crown Wood Children’s Centre (alt Friday)
Princess Way, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 OEL
Telephone 01299 877920
Midwife – Jackie Fletcher

lf you are unsure which is your local Children’s Centre please contact the Community Midwives Office at Kidderminster Hospital on 01562 826377 or ask the Receptionist at the surgery